Monday, 30 November 2015

Let's Talk: Skincare.

I'm no expert when it comes to skincare and for the longest time that really put me off posting about it at all, but recently I've had a routine that I've really been liking and actually sticking to so I decided to share it, although my advice to always make sure you remove your make up? Buy expensive white bedsheets. I haven't slept with any make up on since we moved! And I used to be really bad for doing that. For serious though, here's what I've been using and enjoying lately. 

First off, I'll talk about what I'm working with personally, I have combination skin that is oily around my T zone and chin, but can get dry around my nose, winning all around. I have suffered with acne in the past and I'd say my skin is quite acne prone, small changes in my life can cause breakouts. Recently I've had this quite under control though.
Here is my no make up selfie, my skin is feeling really clear at the moment and slightly less oily because of the colder weather, I have a small almost unnoticeable breakout on my chin. You can see I'm quite pale and have freckles which often makes my skin look quite an uneven tone with redness etc.  I know that sounds quite negative but overall I'm fairly happy with my skin, i haven't actually worn foundation in over 2 months because I just haven't felt the need/ I'm really lazy and just use concealer where I need it! 

I was always a make up wipes girl but as I saw more and more about how bad they are for your skin and basically how much money you waste I've really tried to steer clear, Micellar water is way better anyway, I really like this one from Garnier and it's so cheap even without an offer although Boots often does it cheaper. It removes my eye make up really easily and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight if I use it for face make up too. I try remove the bulk of my eye make up with the micellar water and cotton pads before doing a proper cleanse with my Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I do the first step mostly to save the muslin cloths from my copious amounts of blackest black mascara. Oops. Sometimes if I'm being lazy i will do a full face cleanse with the micellar water but it just never seems quite as clean. I love Cleanse and Polish because its so soothing for my sensitive skin but makes it feel really clean and the use of the hot cloth afterwards is a perfect amount of exfoliation. 

Usually I'm lazy with body moisturiser as dry skin isn't usually a problem for me but with the weather being colder I've noticed more dryness particularly on my legs. I only recently picked up the Aveeno lotion but I have no idea why, a while ago I cared for a patient who had a skin condition, she was prescribed this cream and it worked absolute wonders! I am loving it so far all over my body after a shower, it sinks in amazingly quickly and doesn't leave me feeling greasy. It also has no scent to it so doesn't overpower perfume etc if you use it in a morning. 
For face moisturiser I've sworn by this La Roche Posay moisturiser ever since Rosie wrote about it on her blog ages ago in this post. I use it each morning without fail. I definitely think compared to a lot of skincare products out there it's really reasonably priced particularly as its quite often on offer. This is perfect for my oily skin while still feeling like it's hydrating my skin, it also helps with acne and outbreaks. Wonder product in my eyes for sure, I've been through probably 4 or 5 tubes since February, I just wish they'd make a bigger one! 

This is a fairly recent addition to my skincare, I've maybe had it 2-3 months. I'm 23 so didn't think an eye cream was necessary until i noticed that any concealer i used under my eyes was creasing really quickly. I do think this has helped with that issue although I'm not 100% sold on whether it is worth the price! I do really like the consistency of this eye cream from Kiehl's as it kind of turns watery as you rub it in (using your ring finger only around the eye area as I was taught by my mum) and it feels hydrating but not greasy. I'll use up this pot and then look for something a bit cheaper I think.

This is the part of my skincare that I'm not sure how to categorise. I had heard a lot about the Serozinc mist from La Roche Posay and since I've loved other things from there I decided to give it a try. This is another one where I'm not quite sure of the benefits just yet as I need to give it a longer go but I've been enjoying it so far. It's a really fine toning mist that i spray on after cleansing containing zinc for acne prone skin. My skin has been the clearest its been for a while recently so hopefully this is to thank for that! 
The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate oil purchase has been a long time coming, I got it at the beginning of october when we were in London after putting it in my basket about 7 times through the year on the Debenhams website. According to Kiehl's this product is supposed to help with moisture and radiance working overnight. I love it, I have no idea why, I'm not sure it particularly has made me look radiant but its such a luxurious step in my skincare routine that I've thoroughly enjoyed. Even with my oily skin i haven't found it to be greasy and in fact I think it's helped to combat this a bit. It smells like lavender and other natural oils perfect for the last step before bed. I use it alone because of my skin being oily but Kiehl's say it can be used as a treatment  before applying a night cream if needed. There are also a load of other suggestions of how to use it (bath oil anyone?) on their website. An expensive product that iId definitely say was worth the price tag for me. 

I haven't really mentioned face masks because I spoke about this more in my pampering post. They're something I do depending upon how my skin feels at the time but my favourite ones are Origin and the Sanctuary thermal mask.

Hope you enjoyed this post about my skincare routine, if you have any suggestions for a cheaper eye cream alternative please let me know either in the comments or on Twitter!


  1. I love Aveeno skincare, it really helped my skin although it's been a while since I repurchased it. I think eye creams are one of the most difficult skincare products to buy, I've tried some from Garnier but I didn't like them that much :)

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    1. Yeah im loving the Aveeno even though i haven't been using it that long, suppose ill have to keep shopping around for a cheaper eye cream! haha xx

  2. My skincare regime consists of slapping some Astral on before bed and that's about it so it's helpful to read this and get some tips/recommendations. Turning 30 next year (sob) so really need to start taking care of my skin.

    Lovely photos too :) x

    1. haha! I'm still rubbish sometimes with my skincare but I've actually been enjoying doing the whole routine most nights, definitely hard to do after a long shift though sometimes! x


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