Monday, 23 November 2015

15 Favourite Feelings.

Image from Pixabay.

1:: Waking up and realising you have another couple of hours to sleep.

2:: The first bite of a food I've been craving.

3:: Hugs, of all kinds; from my boyfriend, from family, from friends, with animals.

4:: Laughing so hard that my laugh becomes silent.

5:: Hot baths.

6:: Reading the sentence in the book where the title comes from and thinking 'oh I get it, I get why it's called this!'.

7:: Showing someone something you love and them loving it too.

8:: The anticipation of arriving somewhere.

9:: Feeling like I've done a good job / someone else validating that I've done a good job. I know this sounds odd and like I'm looking for a gold star, I can't explain it very well!

10:: Leaving work on the last day before a week (or 2) off.

11:: When the thing I was anxious about turns out to be nothing, I mean I am anxious a lot of the time so this happens quite a lot but it's still something I try to take pleasure in.

12:: Getting into a real bed after I've been camping.

13:: Scribbling all of my thoughts and feelings into a notebook so they get out of my head. Usually so frantically that my handwriting is illegible, then I can't go back and dwell on them.

14:: Crying, when you've really needed it.

15: Radiator warm pyjamas.

This post was inspired by some YouTube videos I've seen, I believe this idea was created by Hank Green and my favourite version of the video is by Claire Marshall.

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