Saturday, 20 February 2016

{FROM THE ARCHIVES} My Hair History.

This post was previously posted on my old blog in 2013, I had a quick read through it and thought it would be fun to update it. I hope you don't think I'm cheating by posting an old blog post, but I have updated it!
Now over to 2013 Jacquina...

I love reading these posts, I think your hair can often show things about you at different stages in your life (does that sound really shallow? Never mind) and mine has certainly changed a lot! So let's have a look back...
Aww look at that, 3 years old, naturally blonde and more posing than you can shake a stick at, could this photo be any more 90s? (I'm wearing clip on Pocahontas earrings)

Oh wait, it can get more posey, I'm about 5 here and I'd been allowed to grow my hair long!  Those are Belle's shoes by the way, hold in your jealousy.

Fast forward to age 14 and I've got a full fringe again and dyed my hair dark. Also, this pose? It was totes in fashion, as was the school tie.

Back to my natural hair colour, quite long and probably the only time I haven't had some kind of fringe. (This is my 17th birthday.) It actually grew quite a bit longer than this before the next photo happened but I seem to have worn it up more often than not and can't find any good pictures.

The red hair picture shown here was my 19th birthday, I loved my hair like this but red is such a hard colour to maintain, and I wish I'd never cut it. I then decided blonde should be my thang for summer. For a girl who thought red hair was hard to maintain blonde was not a good choice. I lasted as a blonde for about 6 months.

The first accidentally supremely mardy picture was taken early summer last year (thats summer 2012) when I had just grown my hair out to a good length again, and the second was around September '12 where I stupidly decided a bob would be a good idea again! Now I'm back to the inbetween stages of growing my hair out again and we're up to date with my hair history!
That's what you think 2013 Jacquina, let us continue...

Oh this picture holds many memz, this was the first time that Sam met my family and probably the first picture of us as a couple, we have both changed so much in the 2.5+ years of being together it makes me laugh, Sam especially looks his age these days (in a good way! the beard he has now has mad that baby face a thing of the past)!

Fast forward a bit and I had started to go to a hairdresser to have my hair coloured instead of DIYing it, as you can see from the previous picture, box dye on top of box dye made it go a bit patchy and I ended up having hair of all different colours, getting it fixed meant either bleach or dark and by this point my hair was really quite long and I was terrified of damaging it so dark it was. All of a sudden my hair was long enough to be commented on as something unusual, I hadn't even noticed how long it was but before I got it cut (spoiler alert!) it was probably just past waist length. 

I had to have a good long chat with my hairdresser to convince her to cut 8" off my hair to this length but I was so happy with it. I think shorter and darker again is the way for me to go from here, I am such a fickle thing when it comes to my hair, always looking for the next thing I want to try! 

Now we're up to date on the left is my hair when I first went for the full chop, darkened it up a bit and got some balyage in there too and on the right is it a bit grown out and a bit faded so the contrast is a bit less harsh. I know I wrote back in 2013 that another bob would be a mistake but I love my shorter hair and i think its because it's the 'lob'. I think the next step for me might be to tone down the balyage a little bit, mostly because I love it when I style my hair but for everyday when my hair is just put up in a ponytail it can look a bit odd! I can't believe I've lasted this long without getting a fringe cut back in too, its a minor miracle. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and it hasn't been too self indulgent! I think this is a fun way of giving a sneak peek of your history and if you've done a hair history post then link it below because I love 'em. Thanks for reading.
I also hope you don't mind me pulling a post from the archives every now and then, they're a good glimpse back for me.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

We're Engaged!

I'm sure if you follow me on any of my social media you'll know this already but on the 28th of January, Sam asked me to be his wife, and I said yes!

In a style so completely us that I don't think it could have been any more perfect, Sam asked me in our favourite hotel, that we were staying in as a birthday present for me (or so I thought!).
The day of the proposal on our blustery beach walk. 
I had just got out of the bath, make up less, damp hair and probably looking a bit pink. I found the ring hidden behind a very grown up love note (Jacq loves Sam 4eva and eva!) that I had written Sam earlier to thank him, in a silly way, for the hotel room. Upon finding the ring I completely froze and Sam, being the oh so cool person that he is said 'So, shall we get married then?' I'm not ashamed to say I cried before holding out a shaking hand for him to put the ring on. We had champagne on ice ready to pop (me not Sam, he's scared of it!) to toast our future.
The first sunrise we saw as an engaged couple. All firsts at the moment are feeling so special, and both Sam and I keep catching ourselves looking at that ring on my finger and thinking about everything it means. We couldn't be happier.
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