Saturday, 7 November 2015

5 things on the internet.

I'm still waiting to get the camera back so I'm struggling with blogging at the moment, so much of why I wanted to get back into blogging was to improve my photography so often it feels a bit strange for me to blog without the process of photography as well.
Recently I've seen a lot of negativity surrounding the 'online world' with a piece in a magazine about being sick of bloggers and the whole hype surrounding a girl from Australia who is Instagram famous denouncing social media completely for being fake.

I'm not going to lie, I have previously had to have a chat with myself when I tried to take an Instagram worthy post of a mug of peppermint tea when I was ill last week (see below). That was a step too far when I tried to make the fact I had an upset stomach worthy for social media, however, I don't think social media is to blame, we all know that what is shown on social media is a highlight reel, people put their best moments on there and if they don't want to share the bad things, it doesn't mean they're lying about their life. I sometimes tweet about mental health and if i'm feeling particularly shitty but usually I use social media as a place to be positive and really as something for me to look back on to remember good times. If you have Instagram and haven't scrolled back through your feed I urge you to do it soon and see all those moments that at the time you felt were worthy of sharing, no matter how mundane at some point they made you happy.

The peppermint tea picture that didn't make it to my Instagram feed. 
Okay, this took a turn for the serious when all I was going to do was show the things I've loved on the internet for the past few weeks!

// Oh lordy, I was a big fan of Grace back when she had her old channel, I kind of fell out of love with her videos when they seemed to changed from her old style but recently I've discovered them again. I particularly love all of her videos with Mamrie Hart, I love Mamrie, she is everything I wish to be humour-wise. Perfectly pun-y and just the right amount of self-depricating and painfully honest. The HeyUSA series is really worth a watch, so funny.
My Mum is visiting this weekend and i've actually made a playlist of the videos that I know will make us both laugh until we cry, she loves Mamrie too.

// Ella Ceron on twitter. Another funny lady that I often search and scroll on twitter, who else does that? I have a cycle of names that I search on twitter to scroll through their feed if my homepage is a bit dry.

// This. Effing. Dog.  Do I need to say more?!

// I promise I'm not just adding this here because Charlotte included me in her recent 'blog love' post (although thank you!) I have followed her blog for years now. Charlotte's blog was one of the first I found when I previously wrote this blog back in 2012 and has been one of the only blogs I regularly followed in the time when I wasn't blogging. Her writing is everything I wish mine could be, eloquent yet conversational and I don't think there has been a post I haven't loved. This post is my absolute favourite, so much so that I kind of went off on Twitter about it, kind of like a fangirl for a single post if thats a thing. 

// Yoga With Adriene. I think I'm a bit of a stuck record when it comes to Adriene, I can't count the amount of people I've recommended her videos to. How amazing that we have *free* yoga videos to do in the comfort of our own home for any need we may have. I've tried to do yoga every day for the past few weeks, I say tried, its been more like every other day but I'm not beating myself up over it. I always come back to Adriene's videos, there really is one for every mood. You simply have to type into the youtube search box 'Yoga for *blank* and i'm sure there'll be something from her. My particular favourites have been Yoga For a Bad Mood and Yoga for Stress Relief, they're much more gentle practices, which aren't the best if youre doing yoga for exercise, but there are plenty of those videos that will work up a sweat and a shake of the muscles too. 

There we have it, 5 things that make me happy that the internet and to some extent social media is a thing. There is plenty of positivity out there if you look for it, and, as I said before, remember that other people put their highlights out there for the world to see. Try not to compare yourself to that.

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