Monday, 28 September 2015

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I feel like I'm betraying my Queen, Taylor Swift, by using and enjoying Spotify. I've had premium since the beginning of the year when they did a 3 months for £1 deal and I basically just forgot to cancel it! I do love it for being able to create playlists for all moods and activities, usually I go to the mood section and browse for something I might like but recently I've been trying to cultivate my own playlists a little. I'm no DJ and basically the only way I can ever explain why I like a song is 'I don't know, it sounds good?' but this is my favourite playlist of the moment. 'Male Voice.' 

These songs aren't particularly for a certain mood other than wanting a lovely man to sing to you, some upbeat but mostly quite chilled, I'm loving listening to this on the drive to and from work at the moment, some songs to hum along to and some to belt out. I did get caught at the traffic lights getting slightly too into White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons, always fun! 

Who knows if this will be a regular feature, as I say, usually it would consist of me linking other peoples' playlists usually entitled such things as  'songs to sing in the shower' 'twerk it out' or 'easy listening with your morning coffee.' People on spotify can really just hit the nail on the head no matter what mood you're in. 

Thanks for reading :)

YouTube playlist in case you don't have Spotify. 

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