Saturday, 12 March 2016

Booking the wedding!

I can't believe I'm typing this but we have actually BOOKED OUR WEDDING! Sorry, I just can't believe it, we're both so excited and keep reminding each other that each event that happens this year will be our last before we are husband and wife. Last Christmas, last New Year, agh! I couldn't be more excited, well I could, If i won the money to pay for it all right now, then I'd be super excited, but I'll stick at just being excited that we are really doing it and I have to pick up a few Sunday shifts here and there because no one has won the lottery yet ;)
We looked around a venue on Monday that I had been to for afternoon tea last year and fallen in love with but that Sam had never stepped foot in. I secretly knew this was the place for us and just hoped that Sam felt the same way, he did! We went for a very classy post 'could this be the place?!' lunch (see below) and looked over our (my! very Monica) planning notebook and got super excited.

We actually saw another place after that but cancelled the 3 more we had booked in because we just knew! Now we get to do the exciting stuff since so much is already taken care of in the wedding package we've chosen, it really feels like so much of the work has been done for us without us losing any of the personality and mood that we're going for, yay!
Now I'm designing Save the Dates and pinning endless amounts of bridesmaids dresses and decor ideas (wedding dresses being pinned to a secret board because, well, it's a secret!) and just wishing I could make this wedding thing my full time job.
We have a meeting with a wedding photographer who's work we've both fallen in love with around easter and then it'll feel like a lot of the big things are taken care of and we've just got the lovely bits left to do, that and the final legal bit which can't be done until its within a year of the wedding but I'm ignoring that for now! I can't believe that next year we will officially be married!

Another thing that made everything feel so amazing was finally being able to give my 2 bridesmaids their cards illustrated wonderfully by Emily who blogs over at Jammy&Jelly. She did my illustrated new years resolutions back in January :) I love the cards so much and the girls loved them too.
I'm not sure what Emily thought of my request when I emailed her to start with, I'm sure it sounded like quite an odd question to be asking but I wanted something humorous and personalised which I think is exactly what these are, I love them!

I'm not sure if I'm going to include much wedding content on here because I wasn't sure if I had anything much to offer about planning a wedding but since I suppose at the moment it's all a big part of my life it'll be mentioned here and there, I hope thats okay! Sorry I've been a bit AWOL recently but along with all this happening I've also started back at uni this week and been ill with what I think was 2 very serious illnesses and Sam believes was a stomach virus. We have agreed to disagree on that one, I don't do being ill very well!

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