Monday, 12 October 2015

Let's Talk: Pampering.

I know that this is quite a cliche thing to post about in the blogging community but anybody who has been on my Instagram knows I am a dedicated lover of all things relaxation, I have a perfect formula that works for me to have the most relaxing evening possible. They are all very cliche and not very innovative but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I know, a bath? For relaxing? Groundbreaking. Hear me out. I feel for a really luxurious bathing experience you have to get your chemistry brain on, I'm all about choosing bath products that I think will work well together and my ultimate favourite combo at the moment is a Lush (who else?) duo.
Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt.  I can't believe as a huge Lush lover, that I hadn't tried this before, its amazing. I think it's probably the product that I can feel doing the most difference when I use it, it's soothing and moisturising and you can use the little muslin bag with the leftover product in it to wash/exfoliate, it's just so luxurious.
Because I like a bath with bubbles I like to pair the bath melt above with 'Milky Bar' bubble bar, I think I'm right in saying that this was originally an Oxford St exclusive, that's where I got my first one anyway but it's now nationwide! A big yay since I actually now live about 320 miles from London!  The smell of these 2 products combined is just amazing and luxurious and it's guaranteed to relax me.

By now I think we've fully established what a candle addict I am, I'm all about midrange kind of candles having yet to venture into Diptyque or Joe Malone, I feel like I would faint if I spent that amount of money on a candle even though I lust after them all the time. Burning in the middle above is a Cowshed 'Lazy Cow' candle which I got as a set of 4 travel size candles in the sale on ASOS at the beginning of this year. I can only find the full size version now. They're designed with relaxation in mind and they smell lovely, exactly as you'd expect, lavender is the main note! I'm also quite a fan of the yankee candle samplers, I don't rate yankee so much as I never feel like their scents fill up the room but the samplers are cheap and cheerful and I always feel like it doesn't matter so much if you don't like the scent as there isn't much of it to burn really. My favourite Yankee scent at the moment is Tarte Tatin. It smells like food, very cinnamon-y but not too sweet.

W A T C H / W E A R
I enjoy making a 'watch later' playlist on youtube and balancing my Macbook on my laundry basket in order to watch it while I'm in the bath, this does vary because often I'll read or watch something on Netflix but I think, apart from having to dry off your hands to skip ads every video, youtube is a good way to go. Vlogs by Lily Pebbles are my particular faves at the moment. 
You mean, not everyone has a dressing gown with their name embroidered onto it? No way. I actually got this dressing gown when I was about 15 and it's about 4 sizes too big for me which of course just makes it lovely and cosy, usually when i'm having a bath i like to pop the heating on just to be a diva and heat up my dressing gown. Again I realise this isn't groundbreaking but it's the little things that make the difference between a bit of pampering and a full pamper evening. I'm also a big fan of slippers and fleece Primark pyjamas.

E A T 
I've always wanted to be one of those people who enjoy herbal teas and has a big collection with all different flavours, every so often I'll buy one to try, force myself to drink one cup and then it gets shoved in the back of a cupboard. I had started to think people were lying about liking tea because I thought they were all so gross. This tea is different, it's a liquorice and peppermint tea from Aldi, I'd picked it up because I'd heard people saying it was naturally sweet and although I don't like liquorice sweets I'd tried the actual liquorice 'stick' thing from an old sweet shop before and enjoyed it. This tea is genuinely naturally sweet and with it having peppermint as well I think it's really settling for your stomach. I know Teapigs do a version but it's so pricey for tea I think I'm going to stick to this Aldi version as long as they keep selling it! It was still about £1.79 for 16 teabags which is about as much as I'm willing to spend I think. This is the mug pictured, I love it. 
The sweet treat here is an Ecclefechan tart, I had never heard of them until my boyfriend's Dad gave me one to try that he'd got from Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range. They're a Scottish buttery sweet tart filled with fruit and nuts, so calorific and so amazing. We actually live close to ecclefechan now and when we visited Scotland a few weeks a go I tried some genuine ones and I have to say (eek!) that the Sainsbury's ones are just as good, I imagine they are made around the area so I hope they're quite genuine. I have to try hard not to eat all of these in one sitting, they're so moreish. Yum! Definitely look out for them, they're on offer with the mince pies (omg, already?) and things in Sainsbury's at the moment. 

I feel this is quite self explanatory, everyone knows you have to do a face mask when you're doing a proper pamper evening. I love this one from Origins, I have oily, blemish prone skin with dry bits around my cheeks, I just won the skincare lottery. This is great for if your skin is feeling a bit gross and clogged up. It does that thing where it dries to a really satisfying dryness where you can crack it by making silly faces, my fave. However even with my oily skin I really do have to moisturise well after using it because it can be quite drying, for that I'll often use the Origins Drink Up Intensive which I bought for my boyfriend but that I know I definitely use far more. He just won't get on board with the skincare routine. ;) 
The second product pictured here is Lush Silky Underwear, I had forgotten I had this until packing all my things to move in July, thankfully even though I must have bought it at least a year ago it's still in date! Lush say that this is a moisturising powder which sounds a bit strange but it contains cocoa butter so I guess they're not lying! For me this feels like a complete princess product, it smells lovely with notes of jasmine and I just think it's a nice added step into a pamper evening. You'll definitely need to hoover up after dusting it all over though, although maybe that's just my clumsiness. 

This one may be a bit controversial but I am passionate about my views on this ;)  Painting nails is NOT relaxing to me and should not be done on a pamper evening. I can't wear nail varnish at work so I rarely wear it on my fingers however I do usually have my toes painted. It stresses me out painting my toes, i can't reach them properly, maybe I have unnaturally long legs or maybe I'm just really inflexible. I always mess up or forget I've done it and put my slippers on so this isn't a pamper evening essential for me, it's something I do when my nails really really desperately need doing and I will put it off for as long as possible. If i didn't hate having my feet touched so much I would probably get Shellac or some other kind of long lasting polish on my toes. 

Hope you managed to make it through this mammoth post, I'm always surprised by how much I manage to write about these things! Thanks for reading :) 

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